• Prophecy to the End Times

    silvio azevedo (see profile)
    Religion--Social aspects
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    toqueville, troeltsch, weber, yinger, Sociology of religion
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    In this work I make a comparative study of the prophetic gifts of three organizations that are classified as independent: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Seventh-day Adventists; So classified by their most elemental nature to present themselves as bearers of the biblical prophetic gift. My goal is apologetic. But, as you should know, apologetics without a model with which to compare statements is impossible. In this case, this is exactly what happens. Most related religious innovation questions the Bible and replaces it with a peculiar Scripture, which, of course, ratifies its own doctrines. Apologetics is thus in a state of impasse. This paper attempts to solve the problem by proposing instead a direct, indirect approach by which we do not compare the teachings of the 'prophets', but rather the modus operandi of their ministry and their relation to the ideological matrix of their time. Our fundamental hypothesis is nonconformist, for thus the OT prophets and Jesus Christ behaved in relation to their days. So the greater the divergence between the prophet's message and the ideological matrix that surrounds him, the more likely he is to be sent by God. As can be seen from the proposed method, which is more descriptive and less argumentative, this discussion will take place more in the field of sociology of religion, which will serve to interpret the background of these prophetic messages. We believe that this comparison will radiate the light to illuminate the controversial situation of XIXth North American prophetism.
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