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    Brett Oppegaard
    Dene M. Grigar (see profile) , Brett Oppegard
    Data Rescue
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    Washington State University Vancouver
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    The Grand Emporium of the West project created and investigated new forms of m-Learning, based on matters of historical significance, delivered through mobile technologies, and focused on the emerging affordances of the medium. Development of this project began in March 2012 -- with planning, initial user tests, and early prototypes –triggered by this NEH “We the People Grant” investment. The grant supported the research team’s work in this area, but it also led to the development of new material, tools, and approaches for secondary schools to teach and learn about history, through apps (available for both Apple and Android tablet computers). The grant not only generated a significant burst of new multimedia material – integrated into the tablet apps but also repurposed into related smartphone apps, with the media, when appropriate, geolocated at the primary research site, the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site in Vancouver, WA, but it also served as a major catalyst for additional funding, larger collaborations with the National Park Service, educational advancements, more app development, and nationally and internationally distributed scholarship. Through this NEH grant, and the earlier Digital Start-Up Grant (HD 51330-11), WSUV and Fort Vancouver have become an epicenter of internationally significant research and innovation related to mobile media and mobile learning, generating free and accessible mobile apps, for the general public, while also advancing the digital humanities field in several demonstrable ways, which will be outlined in this report.
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