• A Library Love Triangle? : An analysis of the relationship between data, information and knowledge in Library and Information Studies (or, Pullman’s Dust : A new model for data, information and knowledge).

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    Across the decades, many writers within the Library and Information Science (LIS) sector have sought to define and discuss issues surrounding data, information and knowledge, often drawing on other disciplines. What is lacking, however is any kind of consensus as different ideas and opinions are merely presented and argued. This dissertation seeks to compare and contrast different definitions of the concepts data, information and knowledge within LIS before comparing and discussing different views of the relationships between them. It will also look for evidence within three fields of LIS other than Information Theory (Information Retrieval, Information Literacy and Knowledge Management) in order to see if, and how, the more practical side of the profession alters the view of the theoretical. The Methodology is one of desk research, a literature search conducted in order to ensure a comprehensive and wide-ranging discussion. The dissertation will find that there is little agreement as to how data, information and knowledge interact, and that this is due to different views of the definitions of the concepts, different views of the LIS discipline and because of the widely differing views of how knowledge interacts with information. However, it will be found that knowledge is a large concept comprising of many parts and that can be affected in many ways; and that knowledge should be viewed as a more overarching concept than the many linear views of the relationship between data, information and knowledge often shown. As such, it will be suggested that Pullman’s Dust (a concept drawn from Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials books) provides an adequate analogy for knowledge and a new model of the relationship between data, information and knowledge is suggested along with other future suggestions for research.
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