What is CORE?

Welcome to Commons Open Repository Exchange, a library-quality repository for sharing, discovering, retrieving, and archiving digital work. CORE provides Humanities Commons members with a permanent, open access storage facility for their scholarly output, facilitating maximum discoverability and encouraging peer feedback.

Why would I deposit my digital work with CORE?

  • To expose your work to other scholars in a timely fashion
  • To raise awareness of your scholarly endeavors among your peers by sharing work with interest groups on the Commons
  • To maximize the discoverability of your research
  • To encourage peer feedback on work in progress
  • To assert your authorship of nontraditional forms of scholarly communication, such as syllabi, conference papers, abstracts, data sets
  • To showcase your research to potential employers
  • To receive usage reports on your contributions
  • To allow other researchers to use your research data (interviews, audio files, video files, artwork) to generate new scholarship

What can I deposit here?

Peer-reviewed journal articles*, dissertations and theses; works in progress; conference papers; syllabi; abstracts; data sets; presentations; translations; book reviews; maps; charts; and more

You remain the owner of any work deposited here.

*Please check with the journal’s policies and your copyright agreement first before you deposit.

To learn more, read the FAQ or the press release.

CORE is your repository; your feedback is really important to us. Have thoughts on how to improve it? Let us know.